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Annals of Clinical Oncology Research covers all aspects of the clinical management of cancer patients, and advanced methods in early detection of early tumor and diagnosis. We encourage doctors , professors, researchers, scientist, students, authors are drawn from leading international centers and passionate towards the ongoing research and technology.

Annals of Clinical Oncology Research serves its readers as the single most credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research. Annals of Clinical Oncology Research is essential reading for all those with an active attention in the treatment of melanoma. Its multidisciplinary approach allows readers to maintain up-to-date with developments in their own as well as associated fields.

The Journal also welcomes submissions on pathologic and histological classification and novel imaging and bronchoscopic approaches. Submissions concerning novel systemic therapies, mainly in the fields of biomarker targets, genomics, immunology, and cellular therapies are of awareness. Original radiotherapy and surgical technique are of our interest. Submission of randomized phase II and phase III trials, as well as meta analyses of individual contributor data are optimistic. Basic science studies must have through clinical and translational significance.

Journal reaches a diverse group of oncology specialists, primary care clinicians, and other professionals who interact with cancer patients.

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Published articles are made available or easily reached across the global scientific community hassle generously.

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The professional editorial and reviewers are advised or ordered to follow criteria for judging the impishness of the journal.

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Every submitted paper will be published online after peer review and final approval of the author only.

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Our Guidelines

On account of large number of submissions, we adhere to certain system in terms of length, level and format of submissions. We request authors to procure our format while submission to avoid long delays and rejection.


The Word limit of the abstract should not exceed more than 250 words. Abstract should not include any citations and must be short and accurate. An abstract must be a summarization of scientific content that explained in article.


We do recommend keywords maximum of 4-6, as the purpose of keywords are to allure the readers and indexers to easily pinpoint your scientific work.

Body Text

All the Manuscript types must contain the above mentioned structure format. If any manuscript that do not fulfill the above mentioned requirements will not be accepted.